That new car smell is exciting but it will cost you… THOUSANDS.

When you drive that new car off the dealer’s lot it is instantly worth thousands of dollars less than you just signed on the dottedĀ line to pay.

Buying a new car in general is considered by most financial experts to be a bad investment.

In the first year, that new car loses an average of about 22% of its value.

After five years, it normally loses more than HALF of its original value.

That new car smell goes away in no time. But that huge car payment doesn’t.

Many people finance their new car for up to five years and end up shelling out far more than that once new car is worth.

Cars are made better than ever in the past couple decades and getting better all the time. They’re more durable and reliable.

Your best deal will usually be a late-model used car. Someone else already took the bit depreciation hit.

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